GIIN Training Program

The GIIN training program offers practical coursework to help investors build applied skills to successfully attract, deploy, and manage capital. The GIIN specially designs courses for investors looking to develop and deepen their practice, especially in the area of impact measurement and management.

The GIIN offers two specialized trainings to improve the capital-raising potential and deployment capacity of impact investors around the world. Our training and resources dig deep into applied skills rather than focusing on theory. Our practical coursework builds on the latest market data, case studies, simulations, and feedback from leading LPs, GPs, and advisors.

The GIIN has worked with hundreds of investors from over 30 countries to develop and deliver these materials and hosted trainings in the U.S., U.K., South Africa, India, Kenya, the Netherlands, France, Ghana, Nepal, and more.

The GIIN’s course offerings include: a two-day, in-person course on Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) as well as an online, self-guided curriculum for those Creating and Managing a Private Equity Impact Investment Fund.

Course Descriptions

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